Contributor: Rachelle Poitras

"Breasts are like sponges and soak up anything that is applied to them. They’re also incredibly sensitive and mirror what is manifesting within a woman's heart and mind." - Rachelle Poitras

In this article Rachelle shares a deeply medicinal and moisturizing self-care ritual  (inspired by love and her healing process) to support breast health.

I’ve been exploring the realm of holistic breast health for the past several years in my quest to heal my 12 fibroadenomas and a benign tumor.  I was looking for a way to nourish, heal and detoxify my breasts and came up with the idea of a breast mask.  Breasts are like sponges and soak up anything that is applied to them. They’re also incredibly sensitive and mirror what is manifesting within a woman's heart and mind.  They’re gatekeepers of the heart and hold a very specific and particular type of energy – that of nurturance. Breast imbalances are your body’s way of asking you to receive and nurture yourself. This recipe is filled with ingredients - castor oil, Rose Water, Chlorella, Tocos, and Reishi -  to cleanse, detoxify, and nurture.


1tbsp. of Castor Oil

1 tbsp. Solar Rose Water

1 tbsp. Tocos

1 tsp. Chlorella

1 tsp. Reishi




Apply mask to breasts, chest area up to collarbone and under armpits, breast tissue extends to all these areas

Up your breast mask game by applying sheets of seaweed over the breasts (this increases toxin elimination)

Depending on chest size, women may need to increase ingredient quantities

Enjoy this mask in the sun or in a bath

Combine the mask with an intention:

“I now care and nurture myself with love and with joy."


Ingredient Benefits for Breast Health 

•Castor oil is deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. (Make sure the oil is organic, cold pressed and hexane free!)

Tocos are filled with vitamin E -  a great antioxidant for breasts and may help relieve breast pain and tenderness.

Chlorella  is filled with phytonutrients and may help detoxify breast tissue and support the immune system.  

Reishi may help reduce inflammation and stimulate natural killer cells.

•Rose is the highest vibrational flower. It cools and moisturizes the skin, opens the heart and  attracts healing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my journey, it's that whatever imbalance or dis-ease shows up in your body, your body knows how to heal it, regardless of what the doctors tell you. Love supersedes all and is the most healing energy. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, send it love. Especially your breasts, they’re incredibly sensitive and respond positively to loving intentions.*


*A note from Sun Potion

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